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Studengage Learning

Ash Bryks, Owner and CEO
*** Convention Promo - Purchase 2 Individual Response Systems, get 1 Group Response System for FREE. Simply note at time of checkout what colour you would want and we will place in your order***

Our unique response system, available in English or French, is a delightful twist on the evidence based 4 Corners teaching strategy. Students can utilize colourful visuals to help them meaningfully engage in all subject areas throughout the day! Our products increase student engagement, movement, and promote wellbeing in the classroom.
Studengage Learning offers high quality products to support integration of social emotional learning into academic instruction such as ELA, Social Studies, and Mathematics. Each label within the system has a mood, a high and low intensity movement, breathing exercise, as well as a rating system and response prompt. Each label is made from a high-quality self-adhesive commercial grade vinyl. The product is easy to apply, easy to disinfect, as well as slip and water resistant.
The two systems, Group Response System and the Individual Response System, built on the proven application of an evidence-based teaching strategy, Four Corners. The embedded SEL strategies follow the SAFE acronym as described below.

Group Response System:
Youtube video - Group Response System

The Studengage Group Response System is a set of 4, 6” X 6” self-adhesive floor decals that can be placed on the floor, table top, or wall. Each label or ‘identifier’ is placed in a separate area of the classroom to support implementation of the evidence-based teaching strategy, Four Corners.

Students move to an Identifier that represents their responses to teacher prompts. Studengage Learning Group Response System also allows students to pair movement with their responses to enhance their learning and improve memory. 

Individual Response System: This is ideal for classrooms with limited space.

YouTube video - Individual Response System

Studengage Individual Response System includes labels or ‘identifiers’ for 28 students. In total it comes with 112 - 3” X 3” self-adhesive labels. Each student’s desk top is outfitted with four self-adhesive labels - one for each desk corner.
Each desk corner represents different responses that can be identified when the students move to the corner that aligns with their thinking after a provided question, comment or prompt. A variety of student responses and uses are possible which can be applied in all content areas. Studengage Learning Individual Response System also allows students to pair movement with their responses to enhance their learning and improve memory. Please see below for examples.
Physical Distancing - There are four different coloured sets embedded in the Studengage response system to ensure physical distancing is maintained when students participate. The colours are: blue, green, grey, and orange.
Teachers simply ensure that when they are placing the stickers on the students’ desks, they alternate colours. For example: first desk is outfitted with a blue set of Studengage Identifiers, second desk has an orange set of Studengage Identifiers, third desk has a grey set of Studengage Identifiers and the fourth desk has a green set of Studengage Identifiers.

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