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Jason Cooper, Developer

SmarterMarks is an open-source web tool that helps teachers and
students do more with online and paper assessments. SmarterMarks
allows teachers to:
* Quickly create assessments including multiple choice, numeric
response, and written response questions. Teachers can use their own
questions, or share questions with colleagues using communities and
an open question bank built from items contributed by other
teachers, and backed by classroom statistics.
* Administer assessments on paper or online without having to
duplicate work. For paper assessments, teachers can build custom
response forms that can be printed and accurately scanned using the
equipment already in schools.
* Easily interpret assessment results to highlight student
understandings and pinpoint misconceptions, and to improve
assessment items from year to year.
SmarterMarks helps students get more from assessments as well,
allowing them to:
* Collect not just a single composite grade from each assessment,
but also feedback for individual learning outcomes, helping them
identify specific strengths and areas for growth.
* Keep feedback from online assessments in one place for easy
reference as they progress through a course.If we have more time to share and chat, this is what we would like
teachers to know:
* SmarterMarks is easy to use, and because it requires no
additional equipment is easy to implement in schools.
* SmarterMarks is significantly less expensive to use than
alternatives, even including the old Scantron sheets.
* At the board level, we offer licenses for 75 cents per student
per year.
* School licenses are priced at $25 per teacher per year.
* Groups of 10 or more teachers can sign up for $50 per teacher per
year if their whole school is not a subscriber.
* Individuals can sign up for an annual license on their own for
$60 per year.
* Any teacher can sign up for a free six-month trial to try it out
and see if it will be an effective tool in their classroom before
paying any money.
* We offer a variety of tools, from simple custom response forms to
full assessment generation from teacher-built templates.
* For generated assessments, SmarterMarks supports administration
both on paper and online, and makes it easy to switch assessments
between them without changing exam format.
* For both paper and online assessments, we generate personalized,
outcomes-based feedback for each student, helping students easily
identify strengths and areas for improvement.
* For teachers, we generate detailed item statistics that allow
them to improve assessments over time, ensuring that students have
every opportunity possible to demonstrate their full understanding
of the material.
* We support a wide range of question styles in both paper forms
and online generated assessments, including multiple choice, numeric
response, and written response questions, with question format
closely matching what students see on provincial assessments.
* SmarterMarks is host to a number of teacher-built communities
that allow teachers to share categorized items within a department
or across the province. Communities are configurable to fill a wide
variety of roles.
* In addition, all accounts include access to a shared question
bank that already includes more than 53,000 teacher-created
questions, searchable and sorted by performance in classrooms, that
allows teachers to easily update or replace assessments more
* We offer lots of options for more secure online assessment,
including comprehensive shuffling with a new version for each
student and the ability to ask for and review student reasoning on
MC/NR questions.
* SmarterMarks prioritizes data security and privacy, with servers
and data storage located in Canada and the ability to remove old
student information in a couple of clicks.
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