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avatar for Middle Years Council (MYC)

Middle Years Council (MYC)

The Middle Years Council (MYC) supports the learning of middle level students in Alberta schools by
Supporting middle level teachers and students
Providing quality professional development opportunities
Advocating middle level philosophy
Networking of middle level educators

If you teach, work or live with young adolescents (ages 10–15) we can provide you with support and assistance!

Active membership in the MYC will give you access to
• discounts to a dynamic, fun annual conference;
• guest speakers, workshops and information on middle level topics; and
• a year’s subscription to Middle Ground magazine, a publication that gives practical advice and news on the
latest developments in middle years education.

The Council promotes communication among teachers of middle level students in Alberta and provides an opportunity for teachers to share curriculum information and best practices. One of the ways in which it promotes communication is by organizing an annual conference.

Professional Activities
Conference—Additional information about the conference will be posted on the MYC website as it becomes available.
Workshops—We are willing to come to your school or jurisdiction! We have a list of outstanding speakers on a
variety of topics.
Presentations—We want to come to you. Our council will provide speakers for staff development in your
school, no matter where you are. Please contact us for speakers and sessions on the following topics:
• Middle School Basics (philosophy, timetabling, teaming);
• Curriculum Integration; Instructional Strategies;
• Advisory Programs; Building Relationships with Students;
• Student Recognition; and
• Curriculum Sessions Tailored to the Middle Years.

To which region will you belong?
†Calgary (and area)
†Edmonton (and area)
†Northeast (Bonnyville and area)
†Northwest (Grande Prairie and area)
†Southern (Lethbridge and area)

The MYC publishes the Message from the Middle newsletter.