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Health and Physical Education Council (HPEC)

The Health and Physical Education Council (HPEC), as a professional organization of teachers, advocates for quality health and physical education programs and provides opportunities for professional growth and development of its members. HPEC is committed to providing leadership in creating healthy active school communities.

Alberta teachers will provide quality instruction and programs in health and physical education to promote the development of healthy active lifestyles in students.

The Health and Physical Education Council (HPEC) advocates for health and physical education in Alberta's schools.

HPEC provides assistance to members so that they may improve curriculum and instruction through increased knowledge and understanding. The Council studies health and physical education issues and prepares professional responses and also networks with other agencies with common objectives.

The Council holds drive-in workshops throughout the province that offer a potpourri of health and physical education sessions. The Council also sponsors professional development grants from a donation fund called the Friends of HPEC. The annual conference is held in the spring and features practical and theoretical sessions related to all areas of health and physical education for all grade levels.

In addition, HPEC coordinates the Schools Come Alive Project, which provides support, leadership resources and workshops relating to active living and physical education.

An annual conference and general meeting will be held in the spring of each year in rotating locations around the province. The main conference features practical and theoretical sessions related to all areas of health and
physical education for all grade levels.

Drive-In Workshops
Drive-in workshops hosted by each of the regional representatives across the province offer another quality
form of professional development. These workshops offer a variety of health and physical education sessions.
Go to the HPEC website to contact your regional representative at www.hpec.teachers.ab.ca.

Friends of HPEC Special Project Fund
One or more grants for professional development are awarded at the annual conference. Donations are
welcome! Contact the trustees to make a donation to the fund or to apply for a grant:
Lois Vanderlee (lvanderlee@crps.ab.ca).

Special Projects
HPEC is a partner in sponsoring the Ever Active Schools project.

The HPEC publishes the E-Sprinter e-newsletter and the Runner journal.