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Fine Arts Council (FAC)

The ATA Fine Arts Council (FAC) is a professional organization of teachers that promote and advance arts education in dance, drama, music and visual art. The FAC believes that arts education is an essential component of education for all students and works to foster and advance arts education throughout the province through: supporting a balanced and quality educational experience, networking fine arts teachers across the province, serving as leaders and advocates for our members and our disciplines, providing quality professional development opportunities, and celebrating the arts.

The Fine Arts
Embrace music, art, drama and dance without obscuring their uniqueness.

Each has a body of content partly derived from tradition and partly developed from the insights of those involved in each of these fine arts disciplines.

Each has its own mode of expression and makes its own contribution to society, necessitating the inclusion of the arts as separate subject areas in the school program.

There are fundamental principles that apply to all of the arts. Specifically, the student can be involved as creator, performer, historian, critic or consumer in each of these disciplines.

An articulated fine arts program throughout the grades will enhance the depth and breadth of artistic expression for every student.

If you believe that the arts ...
... are basic to life and fundamental to the development of the human spirit,
... offer unique ways for children to learn through their senses,
... develop critical and creative thinking skills in children,
... enable students to make informed choices and decisions, and
... enhance cultural and individual identity,

then join your colleagues in the ATA Fine Arts Council.

Your Fine Arts Council
 is a communication link for teachers with their fine arts colleagues;
 supports teachers through inservice and mentorship;
 liaises with the Government of Alberta and its agencies;
 influences local, regional and provincial policy-makers;
 contributes to curriculum development;
 provides focus for common interest groups;
 is affiliated with other specialist councils; and
 is affiliated with other arts organizations at the local, regional and provincial levels.

The objective of the Fine Arts Council (FAC) is to ensure the inclusion of the fine arts (music, art, drama, dance) in school curricula. The Council strives to teach students to appreciate, understand and develop critical awareness of the products of the mind, the voice, the hand and the body.

The FAC believes that fine arts are basic to life and fundamental to the development of the human spirit, and that an appreciation of the fine arts aids students in the development of critical—and creative—thinking skills. To promote these beliefs, the Council seeks to liaise with the provincial government and the ministry of education to promote the inclusion of fine arts in school curricula and also seeks to influence policymakers at all levels. The Council acts as an advocate both for fine arts programs and for teachers of fine arts and serves as a focus for common interest groups. The Council affiliates with other specialist councils as well as with support groups at the local, regional and provincial levels. As part of its advocacy role for professional development, the Fine Arts Council sponsors an annual three-day conference as well as a yearly MADD Dash day-long workshop.

Active Regionals
Southern Alberta
Regional Fine Arts Council [SARFAC]
Calgary Area
Regional Fine Arts Council [CARFAC]
Edmonton Area
Regional Fine Arts Council [EARFAC]

The FAC publishes A Fine Facta journal.