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Kenzie Field, Owner
What are FIELD Kits?FIELD Kits are Friendly, Interactive, Engaging, Learning, Discovery kits that connect students to nature while providing a lesson plan, tactile components, indoor and outdoor activities, all requiring little to no volunteer support easing preparation work for teachers. To help with budgets, these rentable kits can be shared within the school, reducing the overall price for each teacher. 

About the owner of FIELD Kits.
Hi, thank you for checking out FIELD Kits. My name is Kenzie Field. I am the Founder and Operator of FIELD Kits. I am very passionate about the environment and enlightening our youth on environmental issues, concepts, and critical thinking skills. FIELD Kits is a fun play on words for "field trips" that encompasses the perfect definition of what we do and why; plus, FIELD is also my last name.  If this wasn't meant to be, I don't know what is... To learn more about what FIELD Kits are, watch this quick one minute video https://youtu.be/oCBU2n-5uZY or visit fieldkits.ca.

What FIELD Kits are available for rent? 
All About Plants
Life Cycles
Woodland Wonders (coming this spring)

To find more details about each kit, click on this link. 

If you have any questions or would like to book for the end of the 2021 year or the 2021/2022 year, please contact me at fieldkits@gmail.com

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