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Chrissy Eld, Education Coordinator
Here at the Esplanade Arts & Heritage Centre, we have been very busy coming up with new and exciting ways to share our valuable resources with the Education community. One recent endeavor is our Live Art Classes. These live streaming classes bring a local artist into your classroom (whether traditional or online) who guides your students through various techniques and projects. These online classes, with their far-reaching potential, have been well-received by both teachers and students as they integrate variety and excitement into the school day. Click HERE to see the current line up of Live Art Classes and to sign up!
Another innovation we have developed are E-Box lesson kits. These E-Boxes were created to make the vast collections of resources easily accessible to the students and teachers in our area and beyond. There are two types of E-Boxes, one type (Lesson Kits) cover contemporary themes such a Indigenous culture and history, and through the use of a Google Slide lesson, recorded videos, instructional strategies, engaging activities with archival materials and artifacts, and fun art projects, these themes are brought to life in your classroom. The other type are Art lesson kits, these include Google Slides lessons, virtual tours of art exhibits, and recorded videos of a local artist teaching art projects that are inspired from the exhibit. Some E-Box Art lesson Kits use easily-available supplies and are therefore digital only kits (great for those online students), while other E-Box Art lesson Kits include harder-to-access supplies, such as clay and oil pastels, which will be portioned out and prepared ahead of time for the time-constrained teacher.  All E-Boxes contain absolutely everything a teacher would need to provide an engaging and well-planned lesson with very little prep time needed. To see and book our E-Boxes click HERE.
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We are live streaming an Artist talk and curatorial tour on Feb. 18 at 11am. This Immigration themed exhibit will be very interesting to many! Join us live at this link.
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