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avatar for English as a Second Language Council (ESLC)

English as a Second Language Council (ESLC)

Mission Statement
The English as a Second Language Council promotes best practices in education for K–12 ESL teachers through professional development, advocacy, inquiry and communication so that teachers are able to assist students from diverse cultural and linguistic backgrounds to achieve their academic potential and become engaged citizens.
Vision Statement
The English as a Second Language Council aims to improve the practice of identifying and meeting the unique needs of ESL students by increasing teachers’ knowledge and understanding of these students (English Language Learners).

Offering a program of professional development which may include establishment of communities of practice or special interest groups and offering professional learning activities or events, conferences, publications and resources to members. Advocating for the needs of teachers of ESL students; Inquiring into policy and research on best practices in identification, instruction and the support of ESL students; Communicating and exchanging ideas, strategies and information related to supporting and teaching ESL students.

The English as a Second Language Council (ESLC) acts as an advocate on behalf of students learning English as a second language and seeks to constantly improve and promote the teaching of English as a second language.

To achieve its mandate, the ESLC promotes the increased sharing of ideas and concerns related to students learning English as a second language, and encourages contact among teachers working with ESL students. The Council seeks to provide opportunities for learning and improving classroom strategies with ESL students. Up-to-date information is readily available on the direction of ESL instruction at all levels: locally, nationally and internationally.

Crucial to achieving these goals is the annual conference, which provides keynote speakers and workshops to provide stimulating classroom ideas for ESL teachers.

Benefits of Membership in the ESL Council

• A regularly-updated website with an online newsletter
• An annual conference
• Province-wide workshops
• Teacher resources to support differentiated programming
• Networking with colleagues
• Advocacy support for ESL learners, parents and teachers

Did You Know?
• Alberta receives over half of new immigrants to Canada
• Many schools in Alberta are over 90 per cent ESL students
• Universities are continually adding teacher training courses to give educators the knowledge and skills they need to respond to diversity in the classroom
• Culturally sensitive pedagogy is of utmost importance in an increasingly pluralistic society
• ESL learners bring many gifts and talents to Alberta’s classrooms, schools and community
• Parents of ESL students have high expectations of their children to learn English and to successfully complete a Grade 12 diploma, and of schools to help them do so

The ESLC publishes the Accent e-newsletter.