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Career and Technology Education Council (CTEC)

Strength Through Diversity

Recognizing the diversity of career and technology studies (CTEC), we represent and support the ongoing professional needs of our members and promote the Career and Technology Foundations and Career and Technology Studies Programs.

The objectives of the Career and Technology Education (CTE) Council are to improve teaching practice within CTE by increasing members' knowledge and understanding of this specialty; to offer professional development opportunities to members; to provide advice to the Association on such aspects of CTE as learning and working conditions, curriculum and teacher preparation; and, through the Association, to act as an advocate for advancing and promoting the specialty.

❑ To provide CTS/CTF teachers with knowledge, skills and resource materials to enhance professional practice
❑ To promote and advocate CTS/CTF education within educational institutions, and with outside partnerships and the community
❑ To represent the interests of CTS/CTF teachers on curriculum-related issues
❑ To develop a strong collective identity for the CTE Council
❑ To develop a strong communications plan
❑ To build and maintain membership in the CTE Council

Area of Specialization

Geographic Regions
❑ North West
❑ North East
❑ Edmonton and Area
❑ Calgary and Area
❑ Central
❑ Southern
❑ Out of Province

The Council attempts to establish networks among CTE teachers and opportunities for professional development provincially and regionally.

At various times, members will be invited to attend workshops of local concern. The format of these workshops varies from travelling workshops to teleconferences, depending on the needs of the members. Members are invited to workshops in their local and surrounding areas. All members are encouraged to organize PD events. See the PD Opportunities Program brochure for details.

An annual conference is held each fall. It features practical and theoretical sessions related to areas
of CTS/CTF. There is also ample opportunity to socialize and renew friendships.

CTEC Support for Innovative Teachers
Each year, nominations are accepted for innovative teaching awards. These awards are presented at the annual conference.

The membership of the council comprises educators from Division II to IV schools, colleges and universities, libraries and businesses.

The CTS Circular was last published in 2005. Please visit the CTEC website for more information.
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