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Jon Montgomery

Jon Montgomery first delighted Canadians by winning Gold in Men’s Skeleton at the Vancouver Olympics. Now, as the host of The Amazing Race Canada, he is a charming ambassador for the country’s most beautiful sights. In talks, he combines his experience as a professional athlete and national spokesperson to show us how to value our strengths, rise to challenges, and follow our passion.
How did Jon Montgomery achieve his dream of becoming an internationally-lauded athlete? The former Skeleton racer contends that it was an unwavering belief and commitment to himself that led to his most important victory: an Olympic gold medal. The ability to believe that we will actually achieve what it is that we seek is a large part of actually getting there, Montogomery says. In his talks, Montomery walks us through the physical discipline, mental conditioning, and emotional resilience that allowed him to climb the ranks from amateur athlete, to World Cup winner, to Olympian. High spirited and good natured, Montgomery easily shows us the parallels between professional sport and everyday life, and how we, too, can optimize ourselves for high-performance.
Now retired, Jon Montgomery is the host of The Amazing Race Canada, a position that has given him an even greater appreciation for the country. “I already had a profound sense I was a lucky man to be Canadian, but doing this show, you get to meet other Canadians, you get to see how they interact with the racers and a sense of commonality amongst the people.” For his work on the show, Montgomery received a Canadian Screen Award for Best Host in a Variety, Lifestyle, Reality/Competition, or Talk Program or Series.

Montgomery and his wife Darla are also committed and passionate about giving back. They are affiliated with WaterAid, which works with the poorest and most marginalized communities in sub-Saharan Africa, Asia, the Pacific region and Central America, and Right to Play, which uses the power of play to educate and empower children to be guardians of their own health and active participants in their communities.