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Friday, February 19

8:00am MST

9:00am MST

Looking Ahead - By Retired Teachers, for Retired Teachers Conv Zoom-4Jennifer Hope • Marilyn Bossert ESLC -Alberta Colony Educators Special Interest Group Conv Zoom-14Karl Peterson • Johanna Kutanzi Dialogue in the classroom and in your team: Identifying and breaking through texting thought and language Conv Zoom-15Paul Marlett • Jason Wegner Drama in the Classroom Conv Zoom-16Tracy Carroll • Nathalie Snyder Get Out of the Ick - Quick! Conv Zoom-12Suze Casey • Kathy Thomas The Best Daily Self-Care Practices for Increased Vitality, Overflowing Energy and Sky-High Immunity Conv Zoom-17Christina Marlett • Tera Robison Staff Wellness—Don’t Just Survive—Thrive! ATA PD WorkshopsIan Tisdale • Dana Kohlman Food Explorers: Sparking curiosity with nutrition education Conv Zoom-8Mary Block • Lindsay Buchanan • Barbara Inglis The Pandemic Pulse: Rapid Research Evidence on COVID-19 Impacts Across Alberta K-12 Schools ATA Zoom-Conf1Phil McRae, PhD Visual Journals in the Elementary Classroom Conv Zoom-18Cassandra Christen • Leslie Wolowidnyk-Vogel Writing 101 Conv Zoom-11Robin E Pawlak • Vern Tellefson The Science of Reading Conv Zoom-7Heather Willms • Trisha Sotropa Data Literacy through Sports Analytics Conv Zoom-1Tina Leard • Michael Lamoureux • Nathan Gale Numeracy and Well-being in Your Schoolyard: Exploring Math Concepts Through Fun Outdoor Activities Conv Zoom-10Kathy Worobec • Lenore Tarcon How to Survive and Thrive in an ELL Mathematics Classroom Conv Zoom-21Vanessa Kissoon-Singh • Jennifer Giles Best “Bang for Your Buck” Songs Conv Zoom-5Joyce Holoboff • Meagan Kathryn The Christ Event and the Religions of the World: A Catholic Perspective Conv Zoom-9Dr. Gerard McLarney All About Plants FIELD Kits - friendly, interactive, engaging, learning, discovery Kits Conv Zoom-22Kenzie Field • Jonathan Koegler Sleight of Hand Sleight of Mind… the magic behind war propaganda Conv Zoom-3Greg Hunter • Cory Hegland Introduction to Scratch Conv Zoom-6Zoë Decker • Maia Morris Les secrets du code : les préalables incontournables Conv Zoom-13Lise L'Heureux • Celia Clinton

10:15am MST

Hutterite History and Teaching on a Colony in Alberta Conv Zoom-14Karl Peterson • Vern Tellefson Students getting up early to serve teachers, staff and students coffee...Say what?? Conv Zoom-6Jade Monette • Jason Wegner Everyone Can Code Conv Zoom-20Tim Kilburn • Brent Yacoback FAILURE... My experience with helping students embrace failure to accelerate learning Conv Zoom-15Paul Marlett • Keeley Gillespie Virtual Board Games With Students Conv Zoom-21Chris Kohlman • Leslie Wolowidnyk-Vogel COVID Safe Drama Games Conv Zoom-7Jacqueline Russell • Barrett Swendsen How to Get Happy For No Reason Conv Zoom-17Christina Marlett • Kathy Thomas The Women in Leadership Needs Assessment Survey: What We Learned ATA Zoom-Conf1Lisa Everitt, EdD Occupational Health and Safety – Back to a Safe and Healthy Future ATA Zoom-Conf2Patrick Loyer • Ian Stewardson How to Get Your Students Writing Conv Zoom-11Robin E Pawlak • Tera Robison Literacy and Well-being in Your Schoolyard: Fun with Words in the Outdoors Conv Zoom-10Kathy Worobec • Trisha Sotropa Writing Outside the Box Conv Zoom-8Lois Donovan • Morgan Fishley Using AI for Character Analysis in English Language Arts Conv Zoom-4David Hay • Danika Peters Envisioning Collaborative Response: Supporting ALL students Conv Zoom-12Lorna Hewson • Kurtis Hewson • Kathy Charchun Introduction to Data Science and Big Data for Educators Conv Zoom-1Laura Gutierrez Funderburk • Nathan Gale Help! I have to teach K-3 Music Conv Zoom-5Joyce Holoboff • Charlee Ukalchuk The Dark Side of the Force and the Problem of Evil Conv Zoom-9Dr. Gerard McLarney • Rene Wellsch FIELD Kits - friendly, interactive, engaging, learning, discovery Kits - Adaptations Conv Zoom-22Kenzie Field • Eva Gorny The Thirty Years War (1989-2020)… the Clinton years Conv Zoom-3Greg Hunter • Kelly Thomas Google A-Z Conv Zoom-18Cammie Kannekens • Jessilyn Swanson

11:30am MST

Pandemic CTS Think Tank Conv Zoom-18Jonathan Belinksy • Christian Lohmann Create and Share Presentations and Demos Conv Zoom-7Tim Kilburn • Chad Mowbray Dance Around the World: Super Fun Folk Dances Conv Zoom-5Joyce Holoboff • Justine Wilton How to Get More Energy (without caffeine!) Conv Zoom-17Christina Marlett • Jennifer Giles Taking Care of You Helps Everyone Conv Zoom-20Rick Gilson • Trisha Sotropa Dealing with Volatile Situations ATA Zoom-Conf2Patrick Loyer • Ian Stewardson Compose Yourself: Writing Identity Conv Zoom-8Lois Donovan • Carol Jensen What Could Go Wrong? The Simple Question Your Students Can Build a Story Around Conv Zoom-11Robin E Pawlak • Tera Robison “But What Are We Going To Do?”: Ensuring Effective Collaborative Team Meetings Conv Zoom-12Lorna Hewson • Kurtis Hewson • Jonathan Koegler Re-imagining Jr High Math units by training student thought patterns Conv Zoom-15Paul Marlett • Caitlyn Brett The Lion, the Witch, and the Teacher: A Theological Perspective on the Life and Writings of C.S Lewis Conv Zoom-9Dr. Gerard McLarney • Kelly Thomas Life Cycles FIELD Kits - Friendly, Interactive, Engaging, Learning, Discovery Kits Conv Zoom-22Kenzie Field • Sarah Parkin Myths and Misconceptions in Science Conv Zoom-21Ian Doktor • Kerry Rose How to Teach Controversial Energy or Environmental Issues in Your Classroom Conv Zoom-10Kathy Worobec • Danika Peters The Sixties Scoop: Understanding Implications & Contributing towards Reconciliation ATA PD WorkshopsAnnette Fox-Bruised Head • Gretchen Riel The Thirty Years War (1989-2020)… the Obama and Trump years Conv Zoom-3Greg Hunter • Kacie Neamtu Using Stories to Bring History To Life Conv Zoom-14Michelle Holdway Introduction to Artificial Intelligence for Educators Conv Zoom-1Bryce Haley • Nevin Morrison

12:45pm MST

2:00pm MST