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Thursday, February 18

8:00am MST

9:00am MST

10:15am MST

Assessment Meets the "New Normal" Conv Zoom-1Michele Jones • AAC Facilitator • Morgan Fishley Viewing Responsive Behaviour Support Through a Lens of Collaborative Response - Part 1 Conv Zoom-2Lorna Hewson • Kurtis Hewson • Kathy Charchun Growth Follows Failure Conv Zoom-7Kathy Penner • Cory Hegland "From Port to Prairie": Bringing Curriculum to Life Through Place-Conscious Pedagogy Conv Zoom-14Sharon Pelech • Christine Perreaux Gestion de classe—ce qui fonctionne ATA PD WorkshopsValerie Fuchshuber • Fadwa Kharbatly Exploring French through Music: Engaging Instruction to Promote Language Acquisition and Cultural Knowledge Conv Zoom-22Greg Ogilvie • Camilla Pagliericci The Octagon of Life: Mental Health Care for Students and Teachers Conv Zoom-4Jason Wegner • Abigail Pohl Healthy Movement in the Classroom Conv Zoom-13CDI Spaces • Craig Ward • Jonathan Koegler Teaching During a Pandemic ATA Zoom-Conf2Michelle Glavine ᑕᐯᐧᐃᐧᐣ tapwewin: Dismantling Anti-Indigenous Racism ATA Zoom-Conf1Melissa Purcell Humane Education: Creating a Caring Classroom Conv Zoom-20Don Seller • Alberta SPCA • Tanisha Preston Complex Communication Needs & Augmentative and Alternative Communication Conv Zoom-5Jennifer Roth • Tera Robison Engaging Adolescent Readers Conv Zoom-19Trisha Sotropa Laugh Out Loud Literary Devices Conv Zoom-12Miranda Krogstad • Logyn Jacksteit A Picture (Book) is worth a Thousand Lessons Conv Zoom-9Sandra Norman • Madison Janzen All Hands on Deck - Solitaire Math Games for Upper Elementary Conv Zoom-6John Felling • Leslie Wolowidnyk-Vogel Elves, Orcs, Hobbits and the Meaning of Life According to J.R.R. Tolkien: A Theological Investigation of Middle Earth Conv Zoom-11Dr. Gerard McLarney • Jessica Harty Amplifying Stories Using Data Science Conv Zoom-10Verena Roberts • Keeley Gillespie Effectively ‘teaching’ writing for Social Studies Conv Zoom-8Mark Driedger • Danika Peters Understanding Racism and Anti-Racism Conv Zoom-15Pamela Dos Ramos • Martha McManus • Heather Forester

11:30am MST

Outcomes Based Gradebooks Conv Zoom-8Mark Driedger • Joshua Maret Opening the Door for Success for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Students: Assessment is the Key! Conv Zoom-1Michele Jones • AAC Facilitator • Nathan Gale Viewing Responsive Behaviour Support Through a Lens of Collaborative Response - Part 2 Conv Zoom-2Lorna Hewson • Kurtis Hewson • Kathy Charchun Habits of Mind Conv Zoom-22Cal Hauserman • Tanisha Preston Healthy Play: Learning to Play, Playing to Learn! Conv Zoom-4Jen Goeres • Jen Smith • Lenore Tarcon The Importance of Ethics in Data Science: The Human Aspect of Computational Thinking Conv Zoom-10Bryce Haley • Angela Viola Positive Stories from Teaching during a Pandemic Conv Zoom-7Kathy Penner • Lorena Correa e Silva Ici, tout le monde est le bienvenu—enseigner dans une classe interculturelle ATA PD WorkshopsValerie Fuchshuber • Megan Sénéchal Teaching practices to support positive physical activity, wellness and Indigenous perspectives Conv Zoom-14Kate Lawless • Brae Clowes • Brady Newton • Kit Zachery A Call to Action for Advancing Indigenous Women in Education: Restoring Balance through Truth, Justice and Reconciliation ATA Zoom-Conf1Melissa Purcell Time Matters - Why knowing your assignment is important! ATA Zoom-Conf2Michelle Glavine Complex Communication Needs & Augmentative and Alternative Communication (Repeat Session) Conv Zoom-5Jennifer Roth Connecting the Dots - Elementary Domino Math Games Conv Zoom-6John Felling • Jessica Harty Math Games by Design Gr 4-6 Conv Zoom-13Gael James • Leslie Wolowidnyk-Vogel Considerations for Assessment in Secondary Math Conv Zoom-19Dr. Richelle Marynowski • Kevin Sheen Lyrical Lessons: Using Music In Language Arts Conv Zoom-12Miranda Krogstad • Keeley Gillespie Archetypical Themes in Popular Music and the Bible Conv Zoom-11Dr. Gerard McLarney • Graham Macbean

12:45pm MST

2:00pm MST