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Thursday, February 18

8:00am MST

8:45am MST

Next Level Art: Meaning & Mental Health through Hands-on Creativity (RECORDED) RECORDEDAlexis Marie Chute Practical Concept-Based Assessment Done Three Ways (RECORDED) RECORDEDDonna Ross Addressing Vulnerabilities in the Early Years: How Can We Help Our Children Thrive? (RECORDED) RECORDEDDebbie Philipenko Memory Secrets: Brain Codes (RECORDED) RECORDEDDarren Michalczuk Productivity and Organization Working at Home, School, and Everywhere In-Between (RECORDED) RECORDEDAlexis Marie Chute On Keeping a Personal Notebook: Enabling the errant trajectories of teaching and learning (RECORDED) RECORDEDDavid Lewkowich ASEBP Benefit Overview (RECORDED) RECORDEDTenjie Wilson • Matt Kukotello • Danika Peters Coping During COVID, Naturally! (RECORDED) RECORDEDSusanne Heaton • Ashton Weisgerber Dealing with Grief, Naturally (RECORDED) RECORDEDSusanne Heaton • Charlee Ukalchuk Happiness Principles (RECORDED) RECORDED Teaching Health and Phys Ed? We're here to help! (RECORDED) RECORDEDEver Active Schools The Core Ingredients: Exploring the Role of Nutrition in Schools (RECORDED) RECORDEDAlberta Health Services Continuing ASEBP Benefits into Retirement (RECORDED) RECORDEDTenjie Wilson • Matt Kukotello • Shelley Townsend Amplifying Black Voices- A conversation with the Black Teachers’ Association (RECORDED) RECORDEDMatthew Sauer • Andrew Parker • Gail-Ann Wilson • Sarah Adomako Ansah • E. Patrick Powell • Dan Grassick How did we get here? Understanding the basics of anti-racism (RECORDED) RECORDEDDr. Farha Shariff • Dan Grassick True Story? Teachers in Film, TV, and Online (RECORDED) RECORDEDMario Trono True Story? Teachers in Film, TV, and Online (RECORDED) RECORDEDMario Trono Opening Remarks from the ATA President (RECORDED) RECORDEDJason Schilling Comics in Language Arts (RECORDED) RECORDEDDavid Lewkowich Comics and Graphic Novels for Adolescent Readers and Critical Pedagogy (RECORDED) RECORDEDDavid Lewkowich Reading Comics with a Numeracy Mindset (RECORDED) RECORDEDDavid Lewkowich Developing Curious Math Learners in Kindergarten and Grade 1 (RECORDED) RECORDEDChris Zarski Math Facts Made Easy: Brain Codes (RECORDED) RECORDEDDarren Michalczuk Atelier virtuel en directe de musique et de rythme (Aucune expérience musicale requise) (RECORDED) RECORDEDLouise Raymond Learn to Play Guitar (RECORDED) RECORDEDDarren Michalczuk Green Science Fun, Safe and Not Safe! (RECORDED) RECORDEDMichael Ng Innovative Science Demo Activities - Maki(Ng) Science Big (fun)! (RECORDED) RECORDEDMichael Ng Innovative Science Demos - Danci(NG) with Elements! (RECORDED) RECORDEDMichael Ng Learning Through the Senses in the Concept-Based Science Classroom (RECORDED) RECORDEDNancy Bromley History Tellers- Canadian history in 90 seconds! (RECORDED) RECORDEDDeb Kobza Using EdTech to enhance your teaching practice (RECORDED) RECORDEDSherri Ross

9:00am MST

10:15am MST

Assessment Meets the "New Normal" Conv Zoom-1Michele Jones • AAC Facilitator • Morgan Fishley Viewing Responsive Behaviour Support Through a Lens of Collaborative Response - Part 1 Conv Zoom-2Lorna Hewson • Kurtis Hewson • Kathy Charchun Growth Follows Failure Conv Zoom-7Kathy Penner • Cory Hegland "From Port to Prairie": Bringing Curriculum to Life Through Place-Conscious Pedagogy Conv Zoom-14Sharon Pelech • Christine Perreaux Gestion de classe—ce qui fonctionne ATA PD WorkshopsValerie Fuchshuber • Fadwa Kharbatly Exploring French through Music: Engaging Instruction to Promote Language Acquisition and Cultural Knowledge Conv Zoom-22Greg Ogilvie • Camilla Pagliericci The Octagon of Life: Mental Health Care for Students and Teachers Conv Zoom-4Jason Wegner • Abigail Pohl Healthy Movement in the Classroom Conv Zoom-13CDI Spaces • Craig Ward • Jonathan Koegler Teaching During a Pandemic ATA Zoom-Conf2Michelle Glavine ᑕᐯᐧᐃᐧᐣ tapwewin: Dismantling Anti-Indigenous Racism ATA Zoom-Conf1Melissa Purcell Humane Education: Creating a Caring Classroom Conv Zoom-20Don Seller • Alberta SPCA • Tanisha Preston Complex Communication Needs & Augmentative and Alternative Communication Conv Zoom-5Jennifer Roth • Tera Robison Engaging Adolescent Readers Conv Zoom-19Trisha Sotropa Laugh Out Loud Literary Devices Conv Zoom-12Miranda Krogstad • Logyn Jacksteit A Picture (Book) is worth a Thousand Lessons Conv Zoom-9Sandra Norman • Madison Janzen All Hands on Deck - Solitaire Math Games for Upper Elementary Conv Zoom-6John Felling • Leslie Wolowidnyk-Vogel Elves, Orcs, Hobbits and the Meaning of Life According to J.R.R. Tolkien: A Theological Investigation of Middle Earth Conv Zoom-11Dr. Gerard McLarney • Jessica Harty Amplifying Stories Using Data Science Conv Zoom-10Verena Roberts • Keeley Gillespie Effectively ‘teaching’ writing for Social Studies Conv Zoom-8Mark Driedger • Danika Peters Understanding Racism and Anti-Racism Conv Zoom-15Pamela Dos Ramos • Martha McManus • Heather Forester

11:30am MST

Outcomes Based Gradebooks Conv Zoom-8Mark Driedger • Joshua Maret Opening the Door for Success for First Nations, Metis, and Inuit Students: Assessment is the Key! Conv Zoom-1Michele Jones • AAC Facilitator • Nathan Gale Viewing Responsive Behaviour Support Through a Lens of Collaborative Response - Part 2 Conv Zoom-2Lorna Hewson • Kurtis Hewson • Kathy Charchun Habits of Mind Conv Zoom-22Cal Hauserman • Tanisha Preston Healthy Play: Learning to Play, Playing to Learn! Conv Zoom-4Jen Goeres • Jen Smith • Lenore Tarcon The Importance of Ethics in Data Science: The Human Aspect of Computational Thinking Conv Zoom-10Bryce Haley • Angela Viola Positive Stories from Teaching during a Pandemic Conv Zoom-7Kathy Penner • Lorena Correa e Silva Ici, tout le monde est le bienvenu—enseigner dans une classe interculturelle ATA PD WorkshopsValerie Fuchshuber • Megan Sénéchal Teaching practices to support positive physical activity, wellness and Indigenous perspectives Conv Zoom-14Kate Lawless • Brae Clowes • Brady Newton • Kit Zachery A Call to Action for Advancing Indigenous Women in Education: Restoring Balance through Truth, Justice and Reconciliation ATA Zoom-Conf1Melissa Purcell Time Matters - Why knowing your assignment is important! ATA Zoom-Conf2Michelle Glavine Complex Communication Needs & Augmentative and Alternative Communication (Repeat Session) Conv Zoom-5Jennifer Roth Connecting the Dots - Elementary Domino Math Games Conv Zoom-6John Felling • Jessica Harty Math Games by Design Gr 4-6 Conv Zoom-13Gael James • Leslie Wolowidnyk-Vogel Considerations for Assessment in Secondary Math Conv Zoom-19Dr. Richelle Marynowski • Kevin Sheen Lyrical Lessons: Using Music In Language Arts Conv Zoom-12Miranda Krogstad • Keeley Gillespie Archetypical Themes in Popular Music and the Bible Conv Zoom-11Dr. Gerard McLarney • Graham Macbean

12:45pm MST

2:00pm MST